Mezu is the first mobile payment app that allows you to keep your identity and your spending habits private.
It’s just like cash. But smarter.

The Best of Mezu Money Time: Dad Swap

Mezu’s fun game show, Mezu Money Time, has featured all sorts of wacky and interesting fictional characters over the past 6 months since it started airing. Not least among them is Griffin’s Dad! He’s definitely one of our favorites.

Griffin’s Dad has been looking fly with a new scarf he recently picked up on Dad Swap—the popular new clothing exchange app that’s been sweeping the Dad clothing market…:) Unfortunately, when it comes time to buying the clothing he loves, Griffin’s Dad just doesn’t feel comfortable giving up his personal information to strangers he has to pay… So what’s he going to do?

With Mezu, the only payment app that actually lets you pay privately, Griffin’s Dad doesn’t have to give up any personal information like his phone number, email address, username or other identifying information  to pay for the things he wants to buy. It’s easy.

All he has to do is boot up Mezu to the “Give” screen, tap the amount he wants to pay and then show the code to the person he’s buying clothes from. That person can download Mezu and then enter the Give code into their “Get” screen, and the money is sent instantaneously right to their account! They won’t pay ANY FEES to withdraw!  How easy is that? Griffin’s Dad can now shop away on Dad Swap, keep his wardrobe fresh and, most importantly, keep his personal information safe!

Here are some places you can use Mezu’s Give and Get features!  

Are you an avid Craigslist enthusiast? Shopping at a yard sale and looking for a way to pay without when you don’t have cash at hand? Mezu is the perfect solution to provide a fast, private way to pay.

The Craigslist Connoisseur

Don’t stress out with carrying all that cash when you head out to pick up an item you just bought on Craigslist. Just let that seller know you want to pay with Mezu. You can pay them on the spot, even if they don’t yet have the app! Using the Give/Get feature, you don’t have to share your username, phone number or email like those other payment apps make you do. The transaction takes less than a few seconds, and you leave knowing that you just paid someone without giving away any of your information It’s just like cash! But Better!

Shopping at a Yard Sale

Thrifty shoppers always run out of cash at a yard sale and have no other way to pay. Why not give the seller an alternative payment option? Using Mezu’s “Give/Get” feature, shoppers can keep their personal and credit card information to themselves. Vendors give them the experience of cash and increase sales at your bazaar!


Join us for Mezu Money Time!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday inside the Mezu App (head to the “Get” screen)
Monday: 2:45 pm Eastern / 11:45 am Pacific
Wednesday and Thursday: 8:45 pm Eastern / 5:45 pm Pacific



Mezu is the first mobile payment app that allows you to keep your identity and your spending habits private.
It’s the experience of cash.