Mezu Does What Venmo Can’t.

Join the hundreds of thousands of users that are putting their privacy first and making the switch over to Mezu.


Mezu Has What You Need

✅ Pay or request money anonymously

✅ Send Money to Friends and Family in a Flash

✅ No Social Media Feeds of Your Payment History

✅No Fees to Deposit Your Cash Instantly

✅ Your Account is FDIC insured

Venmo Can’t Keep Up

❌ Pay Using Your Phone, Email or Username.

Pay Fees to Deposit Your Cash Instantly.

❌ No FDIC insurance on your account.

❌ Only one way to pay or get paid.

❌ Your Account Creates a Public URL 

Privacy Always Comes First with Mezu. Join thousands who make the switch everyday!


What is the Community Saying?

Privacy First.

Mezu puts privacy first. I can see why more and more people are making the switch to Mezu.

-App Store Review

Different Ways to Pay!

I love that I don’t have to give up my personal information to pay someone. #TeamMezu

-Google Play Review

No Social Feed

No social media feed in this app. I hate it when my girlfriend would comment on my feed.

-App Store Review

Ready To Join Mezu?

Welcome to a world where you can Give and Get money without sharing any of your personal information. Mezu is the world’s first mobile payment app that allows you to keep your identity and your spending habits private.

It’s just like cash. But smarter.