Mezu has just made Mezu Money Time TEN TIMES BETTER!

Today Mezu launched the new Mezu Money Time VIP Sessions inside the MMT VIP Lounge. Congratulations to the BIG winner – ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. So great!

Once you’re ELIGIBLE to participate (see below) you’ll be able to play Mezu Money Time in exclusive, limited player sessions where you are GUARANTEED to win something (and how much will you win? it’s a surprise each time!). Mostly you’ll be competing for the Grand Prize against a smaller limited group of VIPs just like you!

Want to find out how to play? Here’s how. It’s Super Easy! It’s all about Mezuing – i.e. inviting new users to Mezu  – spreading the Mezu Word! All you need to do is invite a New User to Mezu: A friend, a family member or the guy or gal sitting next to you on the subway. You have to use your personal invitation code found on the ‘Share and Earn $$$’ screen in the Main Menu inside the Mezu App. When the new NEW user downloads Mezu and ADDS YOUR PERSONAL INVITATION code – you’ll get 1 VIP TOKEN added to your Mezu account. When you collect 5 tokens, you’ll be eligible for the next scheduled VIP session.

So easy, right?

Helpful Hints

Make sure your Push Notifications are ON — this way we can let you know once you’ve earned a VIP token and when the VIP session is scheduled for. Your tokens are only good for the next VIP session so if you miss it, you don’t get another spot until you get 5 more tokens.

Want to earn even more $? If your new Mezu user adds a payment method and spends $5, you’ll both get $5 for Referring a Friend!

For full rules, see our FAQs here



Mezu is the first mobile payment app that allows you to keep your identity and your spending habits private.
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