Yuval is a technologist and a leading advocate of customer experience and freedom-enabled by technology. Yuval is CEO and co-founder of Mezu, the only mobile money app that puts privacy first, letting consumers give and get money without sharing any personal information.

UPDATE: From 1/1/19 – 1/2/19, when you Send a Give Gift you will now Get $10 and your friend will Get $5!!! 

So what DO you give your niece Emily? What about your best friend’s son Matt? This time of year, everyone is searching for ways to give and give back.

Whether that means buying gifts for loved ones, donating to charities or paying it forward by volunteering to help a local organization you care about.

Mezu wants to put some extra gas in your gift tank (and also give you a little gift too!).

THIS holiday season, when you give a NEW MEZU USER any cash gift, you’ll BOTH get an extra $5.00 from Mezu as a special holiday treat.

That’s $10 on us to say thank you and reward your act of kindness.

You Give. We Give. Now that’s the Holiday Spirit!

So spread the love with Mezu! It’s never been easier.

How does The Give Gift work?

All you have to do is go to the SEND TAB and Send your friend or family money.

Once they install the app and activate their account…POP…Mezu adds $5.00 to each of your accounts!

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Mezu is the first mobile payment app that allows you to keep your identity and your spending habits private.
It’s just like cash. But smarter.