Mezu is the first mobile payment app that allows you to keep your identity and your spending habits private.
It’s just like cash. But smarter.

Give, Get or Send? What’s the difference?

With Mezu, you have a choice in the ways you pay or get paid. You could be dropping your little brother $50 as he heads off for his summer internship, or picking up some gear you found on Craigslist without exposing your personal information. Whatever the case, Mezu has options for every situation. Here are a few scenarios where using Mezu’s core features makes sense:

Sending Support
As we all know, students are always strapped for cash in college. Richelle’s little brother just wrapped up the semester and is heading off to his summer internship program. She knows he’s going to be tight on cash, so once a week, she heads over to the “Send” screen and sends him some additional money to get by—much needed money for groceries, going out for a cup of coffee and maybe a beer! 

Mezu makes it easy for Richelle to support her little brother. Because he’s family, she doesn’t need to conceal her name or phone number when sending him money. AND because she sends him money frequently, Richelle’s little brother is pinned on the top of the “Send” screen as one of her favorites. 

But what if she was paying someone she didn’t know? Let’s connect up with Sam to learn more about that kind of situation.

Give or Get money, no exchange of information required. 

Sam’s record collection is fierce! She’s been turning her passion for music into a side hustle selling her albums that are worth some money. When she finds a great record, she signs onto Craigslist to see if she can flip it for a profit.

Sam knows from using other payment apps that her phone number, email or username is exposed when she gets paid for the records she’s selling. She doesn’t want to give up that information to someone she doesn’t know, which is why she made the switch over to Mezu.

We’re with you Sam! Having choice in the ways you pay is what Mezu is all about. Using Give and Get, you never have to exchange personal information with the person you are transacting with. When giving money, enter the amount you want to give on your Give screen. Then generate a one-time code, and show it to the person who is “getting” the cash. Once they type it into their Get screen, the money is theirs. It’s that easy. 

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Mezu is the first mobile payment app that allows you to keep your identity and your spending habits private.
Just like cash. But Smarter.