Mezu is the first mobile payment app that allows you to keep your identity and your spending habits private.
It’s just like cash. But smarter.

Become a Party Planning Pro: Mezu’s Drop Feature Helps You Collect Cash

Payment apps on the market today are pretty much all the same. You send and receive money using phone numbers, usernames and emails. When it comes to planning an event, the process becomes tedious, and users have no other ways to pay or get paid. Mezu opens the door to a variety of different ways to collect money without the hassle of exchanging your personal information.. If you haven’t created your own MezuBox yet, you’re missing out on a very cool way to quickly collect cash.

Collect funds at the door of an event
To host a successful event, it’s crucial to make getting in as seamless as possible. When it comes to collecting donations or payment at the door, we all know that more and more people are no longer carrying cash with them. So what’s the solution to make the process go smoothly?

Set up a MezuBox
Head over to the “Drop” screen in the Mezu app, hit the “+” sign and “Generate a New MezuBox.” Drop the location of the MezuBox over where your next event will be held. Generate a MezuBox code, or type in your own numeric code. Boom! That MezuBox is ready to go! When a user has to pay, they just head over to the “Drop” screen, find your MezuBox and drop in the funds. It’s that easy!

Leading up to the Event
Before the day of the event, let people know that Mezu will be the way to pay for entry into the event. If you want to make some extra cash leading up to your event, have the attendees use your referral code during the signup process. When they add a payment method and transact $5 or more, you will both receive $5 in your accounts! 

For Example:

  • Let’s say the event entry is $5. If the attendee uses your referral code during the signup process, adds a payment method and drops $5 into your MezuBox, your account and their account will both receive $5. (They would have to fund their account $5 before receiving the promotional $5)
  • You are not only receiving the $5 charge at the door, but also a $5 bonus for using Mezu!
  • That extra $5 the attendee receives could be used to purchase other things at your event.

Did you know you can set up more than one MezuBox?! We love to hear all the creative ways our community is using MezuBoxes all across the country. Drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and let us know how Mezu is fueling your passion!

Mezu is the first mobile payment app that allows you to keep your identity and your spending habits private.
Just like cash. But Smarter.